What Our Services Provide Our Families

Here's where we show our families how much we care ... by providing them with education to help them on their parenting journey.  When a woman comes in who is pregnant, the first thing we are going to do is make sure she has established with a OB/GYN.  We have a full list of doctors in our area who she can call.  They are listed according to the hospital they are associated with.  We want her to have a healthy pregnancy, so establishing with a physician is of utmost importance.  However, we are also going to give her prenatal education to help her with a healthy pregnancy.  Here are just some of the things we cover: 

  • Prenatal Care
  • Eating for Two
  • Emotions of Pregnancy
  • What is Safe in Pregnancy
  • What to Avoid in Pregnancy
  • Bonding With Your Unborn Baby
  • Your First Trimester
  • Your Second Trimester
  • Your Third Trimester
  • Getting Ready -- Nesting

Did you know that many of our women come in and they are not pregnant?  They, along with many men, are just seeking help on their parenting journey.  And, we have a lot of education for parents.  Why are parenting classes important?

They prepare you.  Our classes give vital information on caring for a new baby ... they learn about the physical development, their needs at the different stages of life.  We even teach them how to change a diaper!  The wonderful thing about taking classes at Life Options Clinic is that they get to learn with other people who are on the same journey.  We provide them with the tools they need to parent with confidence by letting them ask questions and get advice from seasoned parents, and even medical professionals who come in from time to time to teach classes.  We know they can read a lot of books out there on parenting ... and we do recommend some to them ... but there is nothing like "hands-on," "face-to-face" experience to learn and grow as a parent.

We provide moms and dads a great place to make new friends.  They also know we are a safe place where they can share their struggles, triumphs, concerns, and fears.  We're here to help.  Here are just a few of the parenting classes we offer to our moms and dads ... but ... did you know we also offer these classes to grandmothers, aunts, foster parents, any family member who is a main caregiver to the child(ren).  

  • Bonding
  • Toddler Safety
  • Toddler Accidents
  • Toddler Illness
  • Toddler Nutrition
  • How to Deal With Whining
  • How to Deal With Siblings

And we offer classes all the way through the teenage years.  Please help us spread the word about all our services here a Life Options Clinic.  And please, let people know that ANYONE can come take our classes ... all you have to do is want to learn more about how to parent.


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Wednesday, 26 January 2022