How Can I Help My Friend Who Has An Unplanned Pregnancy?

How Can I Help My Friend?

What do you do when your friend calls you to let you know her pregnancy test is positive?  An unplanned pregnancy can seem devastating, and a time of fear an uncertainty for her.  She may be finding it difficult to slow down and process the situation she finds herself in.  Remind her that our best decisions are made when we have taken the time to think things through.   Encourage her to slow down and breathe.

It is very important to listen to her.  She may be feeling panicked right now and just needs someone she can talk to, someone who will really HEAR her.  Give her the time to acknowledge what she is feeling.  She is going to need you to be sympathetic and understanding.  The best thing you can offer her is compassion without any judgement or condemnation.  Give her a safe place to confide in you, away from any interruptions.  She is trusting you with this information, so please be sure to keep everything she says to you confidential.  Don't try to interrupt her or give her your opinion... just listen.  

When she has had time to share her thoughts and feelings with you, offer to help her in any way you are able.  She is about to have to start making important decisions about her pregnancy.  Let her know she is not alone in this.  One of the best ways you can help her is to tell her about Life Options Clinic.  Let her know that there are people here who can help her through her decision-making process by confirming her pregnancy with medical-grade pregnancy testing and that a free sonogram may be given to her to determine how far along she is.  

Your friend is precious to you and you want her to have all the information she needs.  The client advocates at Life Options Clinic are here to listen.  They want to know your friend's situation and they will provide accurate information throughout their time with her.  We discuss all her options to help her on the journey she has ahead of her.  The resources we can provide to her will help her make her decision with confidence, knowing that she is not alone.  

Be the friend she feels lucky to have.  She needs you right now.  And we want you to know, we are here to help you and your friend.  

To find out more, call Life Options Clinic at 850-983-2730.








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